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Fun and Games

In case you've been missing our little time-wasters - have a look here! We'll put links, games, Words-of-the-Day - and anything else we can think of that you might be looking for, to fill a weary minute. Or hour . . .

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  • Dark Archivist
    A jolly little online interactive site where the young-at-heart can explore historic sites and events, and play various detective games. There's some serious historical learning in amongst the fun, but don't let that put you off!
    Total redirects: 1944
  • Orisinal: Morning Sunshine
    Very different, non-violent games, prettily designed.
    Total redirects: 270
  • PONG
    Yes - play that Plain Old Nostalgic Game here!
    Total redirects: 275
  • Shaun the Sheep - his official site
    You can play the games without joining the flock.
    Total redirects: 277
  • Sudoku Kingdom
    For the number-crunchers amongst us! It does become quite compulsive.
    Total redirects: 941
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