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Need a programme to catalogue your slides? Remind you of birthdates? Organise your shopping lists? Write up your family history? Or anything else? Try here.

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  • Legacy Family Tree
    A comprehensive family tree programme, available in a number of different languages - including four varieties of English!

    I have not used this one myself, but it looks worth a try.
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  • No unread posts NoteWorthy Software
    If you write music and want to make a copy for playing on your computer, or even with a human friend, NoteWorthy Composer is a good way to do it at reasonable cost. If you just want to listen to NW music files, get the FREE NoteWorthy Player. There's also a version to sit in your browser, and a WinAmp one too.
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  • TinyURL
    Want to shrink that three-mile-long Web address into something anybody can remember? Visit tinyurl - and all your troubles will be little ones.
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