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Some were born Midlothianers; some achieved Midlothian-ness; some had Midlothianers thrust upon them. But they were all here at some time!

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  • Alexander Cowan (1775-1859) of Penicuik
    Alexander Cowan was an unusually public-spirited papermaker, who conducted his business to spread peace on earth and goodwill amongst men. He demanded that all his business transactions profit the buyer and seller alike, and take no advantage of others misfortune. At least as interesting a character as the more well-known Robert Owen, he was generous and reluctant to criticise, and quietly gave away more than half his income in works of love and kindness.
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  • Marjorie Fidler (1734-1817+) - The first Mrs Cowan of Penicuik
    Marjorie was the daughter of William Fidler, native of Trieste and clerk in the Scots Exchequer, and Jean Johnston whose parents had a druggists shop. She was a paper-maker and "a first rate man of business", and played a large part in the success of her husband Charles Cowan's business. She was also the mother of fourteen children, and lived past her 83rd birthday, a fervent Jacobite to the end.
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  • Sir James Gowans
    Gowans was an architect, a railway engineer, a quarry owner, Edinburgh's Lord Dean of Guild and was Knighted by Queen Victoria in 1886 for his work in organising the International Exhibition in Edinburgh. He also built the wonderful Rockville or, as it was variously known, The Pagoda, The Chinese House, Tottering Towers and Crazy Manor.
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  • Midlothian Gardeners
    Penicuik Thistle Lodge was for many years the most vigorous of the free gardener societies in the county and perhaps in Scotland. The lodge was founded in 1822.
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  • The homes of Sir Walter Scott
    Scott was born on 15 August 1771 in a third-floor flat in College Wynd in the Old Town of Edinburgh. He went on to live in various parts of Midlothian before dying at Abbotsford in 1832. This is an interesting little look at his "property ladder".
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  • Annie Wilson of Roslin
    At the close of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century an eccentric Roslin villager, Annie Wilson, delighted and infuriated visitors with her own highly distinctive guided tour of Rosslyn Chapel. As landlady of the Roslin Inn, she also charmed Robert Burns into writing her a poem.
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